Saturday, March 27, 2010

Love these purses?? How about being a consultant!

How about trying it for a month and see how you like it! What have you got to lose?? Hold 6 parties and your potential income could be $705!! (based on Thirty-One's national party average of $470) With you investment of $99 that is a profit of $606 in your first month!

Are you looking for a way to pay for a vacation this summer, stay home with your kids, pay off bills, add to your family income or just have some extra fun money. Try Thirty-One for a month and see how you like it!

What have you got to lose??

Give me a call and we'll get you started!

April is FREE Shipping - direct to your door!!

How about this! Free shipping direct to your door! Here is how it works:
When you spend $50 or more in April you will receive FREE shipping direct to you home.

What if you spend less than $5o?
Orders below $50 will still be shipped to your home without the usual $4 direct ship charge but the 8% shipping charges will apply.

You will save at least $4 or more off your order!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Organizing Utility Tote

One of our very popular Utility Totes! This is a very versitle tote that can be used for whatever your needs are! It is great for holding your files and paperwork. Or
it is a great diaper bag, snack bag or whatever you need a tote for work or for fun.! How about letting me know what you would do with it!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Easter is on it's way!

Easter is only a few weeks away so why don't you get creative with your baskets this year and give a gift that is the basket! Our All-In-One Organizers come in many great new prints and have been re-designed for many functions! Add some Easter grass, some candy and gift items and you have a great gift for people of all ages!
Thermal totes are another great gift to give. Do you have any elderly friends? They love these totes! I recently gave my Mother, who lives in a Retirement home in Arizona, a thermal tote and it has been the talk of the condominium! She takes hers to the dining hall every night to bring her leftovers home!
With Easter being early in April place your orders within the first week of March to guarantee delivery.