Thursday, October 22, 2009


Can you believe that we are entering the holiday season? It isn't even Halloween but all the stores have Christmas decorations out. It is good to start shopping now and buy your gifts a little at a time so you don't break your budget! Let me help you with your Christmas shopping needs! You can actually get some of those gifts for free by hosting your own Thirty-One party. (Parties entered before December 14th have guarantee delivery for Christmas.) My hostesses earn, on average over $100 in free products just for inviting their friends over for an evening or afternoon of fun! Save your feet, shop from you seat!!

If you book a party in December or January you can "PICK A DATE, PICK A PRICE!!" You will receive a product of $30 or less for the price of the date you picked! Ex: if you pick January 5th you will only pay $5 for a $30 item!

If you are in need of some extra cash for Christmas shopping how about a new career as a Thirty-One consultant? Thirty-One is the fastest growing home party company in the United States but we are no where near the "saturation" point. When I do a home party I always ask how many have never been to a Thirty-One party before and about three forths of the group raise their hands! I love to be able to share with them the mission of the company and the products! You can make a full time income on party time hours with Thirty-One!
Give me a call (724-513-4793) and we will discuss the exciting career you can have with Thirty-One!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thirty-One Leadership Council

I just got home from a weekend in Columbus, Ohio at the Thirty-One Leadership Council meeting. What a wonderful time I had working and building relationships with 40 amazing women! We did take some time off from working to take a ride out to the construction site of the new Home Office! I can't believe that the building will be completed by mid-December! It is so exciting to see the progress! Thirty-One has come a long way in the six years it has been in business!